logo_about_interregInterreg North Sea Region Programme

The Interreg North Sea Region programme offers financial support to development projects in the North Sea region and is an important partner for the North Sea Commission. The goals and interests of the two organizations are overlapping:

Working with regional development projects around the North Sea

Promoting transnational cooperation

Making the North Sea region a better place to live, work and invest in.

The North Sea region programme and the North Sea Commission both work to achieve regional development in the region and here complement each other’s efforts. The North Sea Commission is a useful platform and network for establishing transnational project partnerships and the North Sea region programme is the primary source of financing of such projects.

North Sea conference

Each year in June the North Sea Commission and the Interreg North Sea Region Programme organise a joint conference. The conference brings together active stakeholders and politicians from around the North Sea and offers them a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries, to exchange experience and develop projects

You can learn more on the Interreg North Sea Region programme website

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