We are happy to announce that the North Sea Commission’s new Youth Advisor, Esme Leitch, now is part of the NSC-team and will be working to implement the voice of youth in our organisation.

Background of the initiative 
On the initiative of the NSC Smart Regions Group and Rogaland County Council, a North Sea Youth Conference (“Youth has a voice”) was organised in Sandnes 21-22 March. During the event, the youth participants had a clear voice and wished for a permanent youth representative present in NSC bodies and events. Three young representatives, from Aberdeenshire, Aust-Agder and Groningen, attended and contributed at the Annual Business Meeting (ABM) and North Sea Conference in June 2019, and the ABM decided to involve young representatives in the regular work of the NSC and to engage a temporary youth advisor.

Therefore, the NSC has recruited Esme and she will be engaged for one year on similar terms as NSC’s thematic advisors. During a year, Esme has the main task to involve youth perspectives in the NSC’s regular work.

Esme Leitch – experience of youth involvement 
Esme Leitch has experiences in the field of engaging and involving young people in different areas. She has, for example, worked for Highlift Highland/Highland Council with responsibility of activities related to engaging and involving young people in decision-making processes in civil life, policy and services development.

Responsibilities for the NSC’s Youth Advisor
Esme will have an overall responsibility to develop a plan for permanent youth participation in the NSC in close contact and consultation with the Executive Committee, the NSC secretariat and NSC advisors as well as with member regions and their youth councils. In a practical word, Esme will attend the NSC thematic meetings, the Executive Committee and other meetings to present and give her youth perspectives. Additionally, Esme will organise a youth meeting in conjunction with the NSC’s Annual Business Meeting, taking place in Rotterdam in June 2020.

Contact details to Esme Leitch: esme.leitch@outlook.com