Save the date for a special Marine Resources Group meeting 18-20th of April 2018! It’s a special occasion because we will organise an event at both the isle of Texel and the province of Flevoland, our newest member of the group!

It’s a special meeting because it’s perfectly matched with the Partner Meeting of the NorthSEE project. Therefore we start with a joint meeting on the 18th of April at the isle of Texel with all the partners from the NorthSEE project for a Maratime Spatial Planning experience. A joint dinner will be organised on the Isle of Texel.

On the 19th of April a bus tour will take us to Flevoland where the MRG starts with a lunch at the Province of Flevoland. During the afternoon we are invited for a site visit to Urk as well as dinner. On the 20th of April the MRG meeting concludes with a seminar on the future of fisheries.

All practical details about travel and accommodation will follow at a later stage.

Make sure to mark your calendars and allow time to travel on the 17th of April in order to be in time for the Maritime Spatial Planning experience.

More information

Contact MRG Advisor Yolanda Schmal,