On the 18–19 February, the NSC Marine Resources Group and Transport Group organised a joint meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland.

During the second day, the Transport group held a separate meeting where 24 participants from 12 member regions in Scotland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, including the NSC Secretariat and the Presidency attended.

Exchange of information on recent transport developments: Much is going on in the NSC member regions in terms of strategy development, input to national transport planning, big infrastructure projects on rail and road and introduction of zero/low emission buses in public transport. The meeting decided to exchange information on how NSC member regions manage simultaneous charging of many electric cars at big parking slots.

The Transport Group’s work forward

The report on “Alternative fuels in public transport and other transport services”: The task holders for clean transport presented a draft final version of the report on “alternative fuels in public transport and other transport services” which was adopted by the meeting. The final version will be distributed to various external stakeholders – including the CPMR, the Interreg North Sea Region Programme Secretariat, representatives of related projects, DG Move and European transport networks (CIVITAS, Polis).

New initiative to map new mobility solutions in member regions: The meeting adopted an outline for mapping of the uptake of automated/autonomous, intelligent and new mobility solutions, and member regions are invited to provide input by 1 June. The purpose of this mapping is to benchmark practices and facilitate for mutual learning between the member regions. The mapping is also meant to serve as a knowledge-resource for developing ideas and identifying partners for EU projects within this field. Furthermore, the report will function as a basis for influencing policy and regulation at the EU, national and regional levels, and showcase the North Sea Region as a frontrunner in terms of developing or applying innovative mobility solutions.

Continued work with the TEN-T revision: The meeting discussed how to progress with the work of contributing to the TEN-T revision. It was decided to develop a pro format/template for demonstrating the societal impacts of the different links and corridors which are being promoted by the NSC. The group discussed possible activities at the EU TEN-T Days in Croatia 13–15 May.

Role of transport in the new Interreg North Sea Region Programme: The meeting decided to develop arguments in support of including the policy objective on transport in the new Interreg Programme for the North Sea Region as the EC Orientation Paper does not recommend including this objective.

The minutes and presentations can be found here.

If you have questions, please contact the NSC Transport Advisor – Jon Halvard Eide at Jon.Halvard.Eide@agderfk.no