With the election of Kerstin Brunnström as President, the secretariat of the North Sea Commission will now be placed in Region Västra Götaland.

Magnus Engelbrektsson is the new Executive Secretary. Magnus has a background as a journalist and diplomat, and was for 12 years Head of External relations in Region Västra Götaland.

There will be two Assistant Executive Secretaries: Irma Ganibegovic who works with external relations in Region Västra Götaland in Gothenburg and has earlier worked at the region’s Brussels office. Melissa Frödin is currently working with TEN-T coordination in the Swedish Ministry of Transport and has a background in Central Sweden’s Brussels office.

Magnus and Irma will be based in Gothenburg, and Melissa in Brussels.

NSC secretariat 16-18

Magnus, Irma and Melissa

Contact information

Magnus Engelbrektsson: +46 70 875 65 90, magnus.engelbrektsson@vgregion.se

Irma Ganibegovic: +46 70 020 59 50, irma.ganibegovic@vgregion.se

Melissa Frödin: melissa.frodin@vgregion.se (starts from 19 September)