On the 18 February the Marine Resources group and the Transport group organised a joint meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland. The first day kicked off with two presentations from Port of Amsterdam and KIMO International.

Port of Amsterdam – from plastic to diesel 

James Hallworth from Port of Amsterdam, one of the largest ports in Europe, made an informative presentation about their work to move away from a linear economy and implement a circular economy in the business by using waste to produce new products. As there is a big amount of waste handled by the port (only 9% of plastic waste is currently recycled), Port of Amsterdam wants to create industrial eco-systems for all waste flows.

James Hallworth exemplified the project Bin2Barrel, which is a project that aims to recycling plastics into diesel. James explained the development chain of the initiative and the added value on how synthetic materials that would not be reused otherwise can become reusable by offering a more sustainable alternative for traditional transport fuels. The project will now continue as “IGE Solutions Amsterdam BV” after being purchased by an Australian tech company.

KIMO International – Lost Containers from Shipping

KIMO International’s Executive Secretary, Arabelle Bentley, made a presentation about the issue of lost containers from sea transport. During the years, there were several incidents when containers have gone overboard. For the period 2008-2016, an average of 1,582 containers was lost every year worldwide.

Arabelle Bentley mentioned one incident in the North Sea, which took place on the 1st of January 2019. A Mediterranean Shipping Company’s ultra-large containership lost 342 containers overboard in Dutch and German waters after being caught in heavy winds. 

Some facts:

  • Between 1994-2019, 16,635 containers were lost at sea
  • 432 were recovered – just 2.6%
  • 1390 – number of containers lost each year at sea
  • 1994-2019 – 750 ship accidents

The NSC and KIMO look into a possible joint declaration demanding better safety for container transport at sea.

Read KIMO-resolution on Lost containers from shipping here.

River Clean Initiative & Conference 

The River Clean Event & Conference “Plastic Free Rivers, who owns the litter?” on the 11 June will be postponed until further notice. Preparations were already in full force since the North Sea Commission and KIMO officially launched the “River Clean initiative” and it will still be organized but it’s unclear yet when. More information will come.