The Energy and Climate Change Group met up in Florø, Norway on 27-28 of February and had a packed and informative agenda.

The group spent the first day on a visit to the Fjord Base and had a number of interesting presentations from companies working in the area. The group learned about the Saga Fjord Base, Ocean Hyway Cluster, the vision of hydrogen valleys and different zero emission transport systems required to make this happen and the future of electric and hydrogen powered ferries, which are already in use and proving popular with tourists travelling through the Norwegian Fjords.

On the second day of the meeting, the group came together and provided updates on how each region is progressing with regards to the energy transition and climate change action.

Presentations were given by the Operations Manager of Northern Lights regarding the capture, transport and storage of carbon and by the head of Environment for the Port of Bergen who spoke about introducing environmental reports which all cruise ships entering Bergen port must complete, which has successfully reduced the amount of ‘high’ polluting cruise ships into the port. The Vice Mayor also gave a presentation regarding Vestland County Council and what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact and achieve Net Zero and the NSC Assistant Executive Secretary provided a presentation about the NSC and its work for the new members of the group.

The group also spent some time providing feedback on further developing the work of the NSC, the new NSC Strategy 2030 and generating an action plan for the next two years covering the groups four key topics of:

  • Renewable Energy/Alternative Fuels
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage and natural carbon sinks
  • Climate Adaptation

The group did agree to adopt their draft Adaptation Position Paper which will soon be available on the NSC website.

In addition, the group heard from Damien Perisse from the CPMR who are currently preparing a reaction to the Green Deal that was proposed by the European Commission.

The group’s Advisor Claudia Cowie will be on maternity leave from 1st May 2020 to 1st March 2021.  During this time her post will be covered by Tara Murray, Sustainability and Climate Change Officer from Claudia’s team at Aberdeenshire Council.

Tara Murray’s contact details:

For a better overview of the meeting, see the video from the NSC ECCG Meeting in Florø.