Challenges for managing maritime space

Increasing competition between users of the North Sea
The North Sea is a very complex and open ecosystem, providing a nursery for fish and migratory and wintering areas for many species of birds. It is also one of the most heavily used seas, supporting fishing, shipping, trade, energy, sand mining, defence and recreation. Increasing, and, to a large extent, uncoordinated use of the sea leads to competition between the different users of the sea.

Sustainable development of the fishery and aquaculture sector
The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has up until now been characterized as a system of short term focus and imprecise policy objectives. There is a need to better integrate the activities of the fish catching and processing sectors for the overall long term sustainability of the fishing industry

Good standard of living in fishing dependent communities
While marine resources must be exploited within an ecosystem approach, an important challenge is also to create livelihoods within fisheries and in the aquaculture sector in coastal communities. An important aim is to sustain the socio-economies of fishing dependent communities.

Focus for North Sea Commission’s work

The focus for the North Sea Commission’s work is the North Sea Region 2020 strategy. It defines the following focus areas under the priority ‘Managing Maritime Space’:

  • Maritime spatial planning
  • Exploitation of marine resources
  • North Sea Maritime Stakeholder Forum

How do we work

Follow the political agenda and monitor relevant policy developments on EU and national level

Formulate policy positions and statements in response to consultations on relevant EU policies and instruments

Transfer and exchange of best practice

Participate actively in the CPMR Working group on Fisheries

Serve as a shared platform for project development

What does the group focus on?

The group has selected a limited number of measures in the North Sea Region 2020 strategy document to focus on the next 2-3 years…
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