What does the group focus on?

The group has selected a limited number of measures in the North Sea Region 2020 strategy to focus on the next 2–3 years:

Ensure good access to the TEN-T Core network for peripheral and maritime regions
The group has provided arguments and data in support of including transport connections and ports of peripheral and maritime regions in statements to consultations on relevant EU policy papers & instruments, and through the CPMR Transport Working group.

The group will try to be involved in the governance of multi-modal corridors under the TEN-T core network and explore the option of developing relevant projects under Interreg and other EU-funded programs.

Support measures and incentives to promote clean transport incl. clean shipping
The group is compiling and disseminating existing good practice. The group is also capitalizing on results from relevant EU-funded projects and considering the option of developing ideas and proposals for new projects.

The group is working to mitigate the costs of complying with the EU Directive on the reduction of sulfur emissions from shipping in the North Sea from 2015 through the CPMR Transport group and in cooperation with the Clean North Sea Shipping project.

Counteract uneven playing field between modes disfavoring maritime transport
The group is providing arguments to the EU based on input from the maritime transport industry on the need to improve the framework conditions of maritime transport. This also includes arguments for providing investments and start-up and operational support to sea-based services in relevant EU instruments.

For more information, please download the Action Plan 2019-2020.

How is the work organized?

The work is mainly organised in plenary group meetings, but ad-hoc groups might be established to handle specific issues like the planning of events or the development of projects. The responsibility for progressing the items under the heading ‘What does the group focus on’ above has been allocated to various group members–so called “task holders”.


The group is politically led by a Chair and two vice-chairs and supported by an advisor

Chair: Cllr. Preben Friis-Hauge, South Denmark region
Vice-chair: Cllr. Kåre Pettersen, Vestfold fylkeskommune
Vice-chair: Cllr. Peter Argyle, Aberdeen City
Advisor: Jon Halvard Eide, Aust Agder fylkeskommune


Jon Halvard Eide
Email: jonhalvard.eide@vaf.no