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What does the group focus on?

The group has selected a limited number of measures in the North Sea Region 2020 strategy to focus on the next 2–3 years. The overall focus is to develop innovative economic activity and link innovation, education and transnational cooperation within the North Sea region.

Cluster development in various sectors (maritime, tourism, energy, food, biotech)
The group will work on promoting innovation, excellence and sustainability. Activities include monitoring the process of development of Regional Innovation Strategies as a basis for analysing different regions’ innovation strategies and compiling good practices.

Foster stakeholder cooperation in labour market, education and research policy
The group will develop actions that seek to strengthen cooperation with research institutions and universities, capitalize on the region’s excellence and promote innovation – mainly through the development of transnational projects.

Explore Life Long Learning to improve skills and employability
Main focus for the group here is to organize a conference on innovative processes in cooperation with the other thematic groups in the North Sea Commission.

For more information, please download the North Sea Region Action Plan 2016-2017 and the Economic Development Group Workplan.

How is the work organized?

The work is mainly organized in plenary group meetings and conferences held 2-3 times a year.


The group is politically led by a Chair and two vice-chairs and supported by an advisor. This constitutes the group’s strategic group which is in charge of strategic planning of activities and actions.

Chair: Cllr. Barney Crockett, Aberdeen City Council
Vice-chair: Cllr. Drew Ratter, Shetland Islands Council
Vice-chair: Vacant
Advisor: Simon Tijsma, Province of Fryslan

If you would like to learn more about the group and its work, please contact:

Simon Tijsma, Advisor