On 23 March the European Commission organised its first North Sea Energy Forum. The aim of the day was to have a consultation and dialogue with relevant stakeholders on the activities of the working groups on off shore energy in the North Seas. The NSC President was invited to represent the regional level and participated in the panel on “Visions for the North Seas” together with representatives from industry and national parliament. President Brunnström highlighted the role of regions, the North Sea Commission and its work to promote renewables, the NS grid and stressed the need of sharing regional best practices to develop cross-border energy connections further.

Kerstin Brunnström during her presentation at the North Seas Energy Forum

In June 2016 the member states around the North Sea signed a political declaration on offshore energy cooperation. The Declaration emphasises the importance of voluntary cooperation, with the aim of securing a sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply for the North Seas countries.

After the Declaration was signed, the European Commission established thematic working groups together with the member states. There are 4 working groups on: (1) Maritime Spatial Planning, (2) Development and regulation of offshore grids and offshore infrastructure, (3) Support framework and finance for offshore wind projects, (4) Standards, Technical rules and regulations in the offshore wind sector.

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“North Seas Energy Cooperation (European Commission)”

Contact Melissa Frödin, NSC Assistant Executive Secretary, for meeting minutes and more information, melissa.frodin@vgregion.se