The Marine Resources Group (MRG) met in Brussels 24th and 25th April for a full group meeting and visit to the seafood expo.

21 participants attended the MRG meeting in Brussels. Blue skills was the first item on the agenda after an introduction from Anders Fasth, Chair of the group, Camilla Løvaas Stavnes, Advisor, and Magnus Engelbrektsson, Executive Secretary of the NSC Secretariat. Alessia Clochiatti from DG Mare introduced the European Commission’s initiative on blue careers. The presentation was followed by a discussion on how the NSC can contribute in the processes and good practice examples from the regions.

The role of the regions were further discussed after a presentation of the Interreg project NorthSEE; a project to develop coherent marine planning in the North Sea region. The Marine Resources Group is developing a resolution on land/sea interaction, this will be important input to the project after decision of the Annual Business Meeting. Brexit and its implications of the marine sector will be important for the group in the future. CPMR was invited to present the Future of Europe initiative and to discuss way forward with the group.

The group visited the seafood expo on the second day. The Seafood expo in Brussels is the world’s largest seafood traders event. The chair and adviser attended the CPMR maritime meetings parallell to the seafood event.

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For more information about the Marine Reource Group contact Camilla Løvaas Stavnes, Advisor,