The Marine Resources Group met on the 25th of June 2019 for a special thematic group meeting: a beach clean-up expedition. The MRG is committed to keep the marine litter issue high on the agenda and takes real action as a group as well.

The meeting started with an introduction by Florina Lachmann from the Ren Kust project (Clean Coast project). She has a lot of experience and does a lot of awareness raising campaigns including for instance this “fish chart” which was posted in bus stops etc all throughout the region. It was a great success to raise awareness in a different kind of way and it actually includes all the Latin names of all the plastics (like it would be on a fish chart).









Florina Lachmann introduced the interactive map they use in the region which indeed shows our beach clean operation:

The members of the Marine Resources Group were joined by two PhD students: Marco Marchesi who is working on micro plastics and Elsa Magnusson who is currently writing her thesis about why the percentage of recycled plastic packaging is so low and what to do about it. And Gunilla Fransson Bangura gave a presentation about the Annual Maritime Week in Västra Götaland.

After nearly two hours, the members of the MRG had collected nearly 20 bags full of marine litter including larger items like a fish crate all the way from Scotland. It’s important to also focus on cleaning up marine litter (apart from working on the source of the problem) because it helps prevent plastics to degrade into micro-plastics. It’s one of the important priorities for the Marine Resources Group.