4 12, 2019

NSC Transport Group – TEN-T seminar 22 November in Brussels

During the TEN-T seminar 22 November in Brussels, Kåre Pettersen, Vice Chairs of the North Sea Commission Transport group, presented the interests and positions of the CPMR North Sea Commission towards the TEN-T network in [...]

27 11, 2019

The NSC President, Kerstin Brunnström, keynote speaker at the Periscope Forum in Brussels

The NSC President, Kerstin Brunnström, attended the Periscope Forum as a keynote speaker hosted by South Norway European Office on 5 November in Brussels. Among the keynote speeches, the European Commission’s DG Maritime Affairs and [...]

25 11, 2019

The North Sea Cooperation, Brexit and Europe in the 2020’s

During NSC's Executive meeting in Brussels, 7 – 8 November, the external speakers, Larissa Brunner, Policy Analyst from the European Centre, Manuel Carmona Yebra, Policy Office at the EC DG Climate Action and Ivan Lukač, [...]