Culture & Tourism Group discussed the new work program of the North Sea Commission at its 54th meeting in Billund, Denmark 14 June 2016

The Culture & Tourism Group met on 14 June at Hotel Legoland in Billund one day ahead of the North Sea Conference 2017 to discuss the North Sea Commissions revised strategy document and the new work plan. The Culture & Tourism Group, which in the future will be part of the new Attractive & Sustainable Communities Group, discussed how the group should follow up the relevant priorities in the year ahead.

The group will now work with issues like demographic and migration challenges, where both digital connectivity, exchange of good practice on active and healthy living, as well as using cultural activities in the integration of migrants will be key activities. The group will also work with tourism partners to raise awareness of sustainability in the tourism sector, including increased focus on circular economy. Diversification of the economies of coastal communities is crucial at the current time, and that also includes the diversification of tourism products and offers.

Finally, the group will try and develop networks between cultural actors around the North Sea.

Important short-term issues discussed at the meeting included preparations for the 2017 Youth Culture Festival in Sandnes and the 2017 Cultural Summit on Mors, as well as further developments of the Seafood Experience project. The Culture & Tourism Group and the Marine Resources Group will jointly try and map existing offers and the group will then look into ways of linking these into a joint Seafood Experience project.